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You·pho·ri·a (Noun): personal feeling or state of intense excitement or happiness.

Youphoria Outdoors

"Single" Ultra-Lightweight Camping Hammock

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  • PACK LIGHTER (ONLY 9.7 OZ) ✊ Packed up, our Single Hammock measures ONLY 5” x 3” It’s one of the Smallest, Ultra-Light, Camping Hammocks on the Market. You still get Full Length and Width at 9’ x 4.5’ in use. We don’t leave you “HANGING” when it comes to the best quality and premium features. (See what we did there?)

  • MULTI-FUNCTION + VERSATILE ✊ Get more reach and functionality with 2 Dual-Paracord Straps (2 x 10ft Straps = 40ft of Paracord) and 2 Premium 12kn Carabiners. Not to Mention, our Strap uses 650-Paracord (yeah, we’re getting technical on you) for Extra Strength and Durability. Each strap also has a Tree-Friendly Webbing Strip.  

  • STRENGTH + PRACTICALITY ✊ Rated for 400 lbs, our Hammock’s Ends are Triple Bar-tack Stitched with Dyneema (the strongest thread in the world) for Security and Stability. Hammock Ends also have a Reflective Stripe for those “Middle of the Night Situations.” Smart right?

  • CLOUD COMFORT ✊ Our Lightweight Honeycomb Ripstop Nylon Material is also the Softest on the Market -- Breathable and Ultra-Smooth for YOUR Comfort. Why Have it Any Other Way?

  • BACKED BY THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AROUND ✊ We Want to Make Sure That Your Experience is AMAZING. Prioritizing Convenience and Comfort is the Name of the Game for Youphoria. You Could Say: “We Put the YOU in Youphoria”... I know, it’s bad. Bottom Line: If You Aren’t Satisfied with Your Purchase for ANY Reason, We’ve Got You Covered.