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Hammock and Chill

Posted on May 07 2018

Winter is for Netflix and Chill... Summer is for Hammock and Chill.  Tis the season... Am I right?  Here are your 5 Reasons Why:

1.  Fresh Air. Period.
According to, "your air conditioner continuously recycles the same stuffy air over and over again - every day. It’s like living in a closed jar all year long. No wonder it’s so hard to get rid of pet dander, allergens, cooking odors and indoor chemicals."

Long story, short: Yuck.  Short story, shorter: Go outside.

2.  See Life in Full Color.
Let's face it, the world's a prettier place than your screen.  You're missing out on the proverbial "pot of gold" if you're only viewing the rainbow in 2D. says it best when discussing not only the television, but also the video camera: "Since neither the capture or display device can reproduce all of the colors that are reflected from the real world objects, both devices have to "guess" based on specific 'man-made' color standards, which have at its foundation, a three primary color mode."

There's like a billion secondary colors out there -- go see them for yourself.

3.  Your couch is comfy, but does it cradle you like mother's womb?
Or sway you gently with the comforting rock of a bassinet?

Yeah.  I didn't think so.  *Aint no shame in the fetal game*

4.  Hammocks don't require the wifi password.
Boom.  It's over.

(Oh wait -- there's still one more.)

5.  Nature is temporary; Netflix is forever.
Oregon's Columbia River Gorge is basically our backyard playground.  We live a whopping 15 minutes away from the hem of its skirt.  The Gorge is filled with hundreds of hiking and waterfall adventures -- there are so many, it would take years to explore them all.  

Last year, however, a fire swept through the Gorge and changed many of our favorite places.  It was scary, and it was definitely sad, but there's something to be said about visiting a place over and over again, having that image burned (no pun intended) into your mind, and it one fell swoop, watch it completely change before your eyes.

We'll miss what we remembered of our favorite places, but we're doubly excited to watch life renew and rebirth itself into something as equally as beautiful, but maybe, entirely different.

My point?  You can binge-watch your shows whenever you want -- trust me, they're archived forever.  But life is always changing -- devastatingly, miraculously -- right in front of your eyes.

Wake up.  And witness.

Author: Jessi Moore, aka, @jessi_danielle

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