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YogaPaws Sizing Chart

We know sizing can be tricky!  In the event you purchase the wrong size we will always exchange them at no cost to you.

Sizing Tips

  • Finding the perfect fit requires factoring in the width and thickness of the foot, not the length/shoe size. On the first fit, YogaPaws Hands and Feet should feel tight. They will stretch to their final fit in 1-3 hours of wear. The chart above will give a snug fit after stretching.

  • If you find that either the hand or foot not to be a perfect fit within your package, email us -- we'll swap them out for you, free of charge.

  • When you get your YogaPaws, don't just try them on, practice in them!  They will feel very different when in action.  This is how to tell if the sizing is correct for you.

  • Size #1 Women's XS is for all those really petite Yogi's out there.
  • Size #2 Women's Small/Regular -- this size fits most women.
  • Size #3 Women's Large is for women that have wide hands and feet and who also have a tendency to buy wide shoes and large gloves.
  • Size #3 Men's Small is a for men who have a narrow foot, and wear a small glove.
  • Size #4  Men's Regular/Large is a one-size-fits-most for Men and it is our goal that this size will fit the majority of the male demographic.