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Flip Your Grip!

Posted on November 25 2018

Flip your Grip
⭐️ How to Flip Your Grip ⭐️ 
  1. Start off in Pigeon Pose
  2. Reach back towards the outstretched foot with the palm facing upwards
  3. Keep the palm facing up towards the ceiling, & take hold of the outer edge of the back foot
  4. Grip the toes or main body of the foot
  5. Draw the back foot towards you as you rotate the shoulder & bring the elbow out to the side
  6. Continue the rotation, & aim the elbow up towards the ceiling. Think about extending through the spine, lifting the chest & keeping the shoulder blades drawn down the back to create a nice, open bend.
*Bonus Assisted Version, below!
To work towards the full flipped grip, use a strap (as shown on slide 2), & gradually shorten the distance as you increase your flexibility & the rotation needed in the shoulder joint.
flip your grip with a strap