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You·pho·ri·a (Noun): personal feeling or state of intense excitement or happiness.

Youphoria Outdoors

Travel Towel with Bag

$ 9.95


HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT: YOUPHORIA™ TRAVEL TOWELS PACK 5X SMALLER than a traditional terry cloth or cotton towel. Available in 3 sizes (20 x 40-inch, 28 x 56-inch, and 32 x 72-inch), and 10 color choices. We are all about quality and making our customers happy.

SUPERIOR DESIGN: The original Youphoria™ Travel Towel is the ONLY lightweight travel towel with our proprietary microfiber blend. Youphoria™ towels absorb 4x its weight in water, and dry 10x faster than normal towels.  Easy to clean and machine washable. And unlike most "microfiber" products, ours is soft and doesn't grab or stick to you.

BONUSES! COMPACT MESH CARRY BAG AND HANGING LOOP: The mesh case allows for even a rolled towel to dry by exposing the travel towel to air. For when you need to dry your towel quickly, we’ve included a convenient snap hanging loop making almost anything a great place to air dry your towel. Great for traveling, backpacking, golf, beach, gym, home and much more!